No… it’s not that kind of website.

We’ve definitely raised more than a few eyebrows and giggles with the name. He’s a chef and restaurateur and I’m a photographer and want-be writer. Exhibitionist we are not… eh, well… at least I’m not. On February 5th 2016, the idea came while we shared a siphon of coffee. We are both storytellers – he spins his with food and I develop mine with photographs. It makes perfect sense… we should be collaborating to create an ever-evolving essay; intertwining our individual passions and careers.

After many late nights and more than a few glasses of wine, Sleeping With The Chef was born and along with it, our creative souls were revived. I know you’re probably thinking, “oh, another food blog…” and I truly hate to disappoint, but it’s not that either. It is, however, a human blog. It’s more about the reality and truth of the industry than the food. In other words, we are more interested in the story (and the human) behind the dish than how it was was plated.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a beautiful meal – I am visual after all, but I want more. I want to dig deeper. Not only will we regularly share the behind the scenes of our own adventures, but we will regularly share intimate conversations adorned with imagery from some of our favorite chefs, writers, farmers and more.

We want to focus on the real stories. Not the overly glamorized stories from magazines and television, but the raw stories that made these people who they are today. After all, it’s the honesty and imperfections that make us human and we think that is worth celebrating.

“We’re like a modern day Brady Bunch”

We have 4 children + 4 chickens + 3 ducks + 3 dogs. Oh, and we all live in a quirky historical home located in Montrose – the artsy and eclectic neighborhood just outside of downtown Houston. As you can imagine, we have to collaborate on every single aspect of our lives in order to achieve any type of balance – and trust me, I use that term loosely.

Creating SWTC is just a natural progression of our relationship and our careers. The same reasons that brought us together in 2013 are also the foundation of this project; family, friendship, new adventures and obviously delicious food.

While our life together can be chaotic it is mostly entertaining. Think of it like a busy restaurant; there is always a little drama, something usually gets broken, a sassy person or two thinks they can do it better (I swear it’s not me!!) and don’t forget the flowing wine and sometimes bourbon. It’s enough to give any sane person PTSD. We often hear from friends, after they learn about our daily routine and the events we encounter, that we should have our own reality TV show… we definitely wouldn’t be boring.

Like all good hosts, we welcome you to SWTC and hope you enjoy your visit as well as our adventures!




“An advocate of all things artistic, Jennifer has the creative gene that keeps on giving. A resident of Houston, Texas and founder of Jennifer Dell Photography, following her passion was an easy and rewarding decision. Jennifer’s natural talent and ease in capturing the beauty of life’s most intimate moments is undeniable.”
– NAPCP Magazine, 2015



“He’s one of the extraordinary chefs who manages to live in a couple of different worlds. He’s very much from the South, but he’s also worked with elite chefs. It’s tricky to manage and operate in both worlds — to use your heritage and to incorporate fantastic techniques and ingredients to make food delicious. It’s like jumping through five hoops.”
– Kate Krader (Food & Wine Magazine)