Under Pressure…


Bryan and I are Queen addicts. I credit my love for this epic band to my dad’s musical education as I was growing up. I can’t remember a road trip across the grand ole state of Texas without him blaring a Queen album. I’m pretty sure I was the only 8 year old in my class that knew every word to Fat Bottom Girls, Bicycle or even Flash.

To be honest, I owe 90% of my music appreciation to my dad’s insistent playlist, if there was such a thing in the late 80’s. One song in particular, by David Bowie and my favorite of all time, Freddie Mercury, is Under Pressure.

Anytime it’s been a bitch of a day or I’m feeling the stress of our lifestyle, I hear that song on repeat in my head.

Seems fitting, <em>no?</em>

For example, last Friday, the nanny we just hired to help relieve Rachael (my right hand) of some of her hours quit via text after a mere three days with our chaos. That same day I also forgot about a parent teacher conference, which was already rescheduled once due to poor planning on my behalf. Then, a nonprofit Bryan and I both love to support gave us the boot because the signed donation form wasn’t received on time. Which really stings because Bryan and I love that we have the ability to donate and volunteer our time and our resources on a regular basis. I offered to host a private event for them at our restaurant… and crickets. Ouch.

The worst, however, was when my precious babies asked me later that night, “why can’t we just stay up all night and hang out with you!? We miss you! We won’t see you again until Saturday!!”

<em>#Fail </em>

Hell ya’ll, it’s fall and that means… OVERTIME.  Bryan will spend on average 70 hours a week between our five existing restaurants, three restaurants opening before the end of the year, the catering company + galas, private holiday parties, menu changes, writing menus, super bowl activities for next year, etc.

I will be right there along side of him with all of the restaurants marketing and social media campaigns, as well as running my two businesses while also working behind the scenes for our nonprofit, <a href=”http://www.southernsaltfoundation.org” target=”_blank”>Southern Salt Foundation</a>.

So, when we received a call from a magazine last week asking us to make a quick trip to Galveston to shoot some photos for a magazine article featuring our foundation, we jumped at the opportunity. When we arrived at the yacht basin, the lovely editor and staff kept apologizing for asking us meet in Galveston and take our boat out for the shoot. All I could think was, “no, <em>thank you!!!”</em>

It was an excuse to go to our happy place and for just a minute, we were able to forget about everything else. Until we returned to the dock and our work would be stacked higher than the top tier in the dry stack where we keep our boat. When our babies would beg for more family time and we won’t be able to deliver because work calls. When someone will call asking for a favor, or possibly a piece of our soul…. &lt;— <em>dramatic much!?</em> Maybe… but man, have I got some stories lately.

When we can’t get to the water, Bryan and I both find an escape in music. So last Friday, we got sucked into Musical.ly after a friend of mine told me about it over lunch while chatting about our pre-teens. Evidently, it’s all the rage. I’m officially the stepmom to a 12 year old and this discovery will either win me some points or make my brilliant, lovely and so-much-cooler-than-me daughter shake her head in disapproval. I’m betting on the latter.

After seeing the clip below, someone I very much admire asked, “how much tequila did you drink before this!?!”

My answer, “NONE!” It was 11pm Friday night, pre-wine, pre-anything. We’re just dorks. If you’re on <a href=”http://musical.ly” target=”_blank”>Musical.ly</a> and want a good laugh, you can find us under 21sammie.

Without further adieu, our Musical.ly premier.

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