New lights and inspiration…

Oh happy day! My new lights finally arrived!

A few months ago, when we were in Las Vegas for the WPPI (wedding and portrait photographers international) convention, we happened across the Westcott booth while strolling around the expo. It was there where I quickly became obsessed with their Flex light matts while watching another photographer demonstrate their power. Seriously, these things are cool, if you haven’t seen one or played with one I highly recommend them. Bryan and I decided that we had to have one and an order for one 1×2 bi-color cine kit was placed.

New lights mean late night food fun. Before, my light set up was bulky – a 50×50 soft box with a speed light. For all your non tech-y people, that’s a very large one light set-up that takes up a lot of room. That type of set-up is meant to mimic the natural lighting you might get from a window, which is my personal favorite. That said, our kitchen is small. Really small. Also, our home was built in 1911 and I’m pretty sure the kitchen hasn’t seen an update since 1972… so, it’s really outdated too. And small, have I mentioned that yet?

We love our old home, it’s full of character and quite possibly a spirit or two, but it’s a work in progress. We will be renovating the kitchen sooner than later and that will be a massive undertaking. Giving a blank canvas to a chef to design his ultimate kitchen is only slightly terrifying. I can see it now… we will have more appliances and gadgets per square foot than any other residential kitchen in the city, possibly the state. He’s already talking about some strange microwave that cooks a whole chicken in 5 seconds. It’s a good thing I don’t eat chicken as I’m pretty sure that’s not normal, but I digress. He’s the expert.

Regardless of the 1972 Jenn Air range, that can only be lit by match or lighter because the mechanism recently decided to crap out, Bryan is still able to make some of the most amazing dishes I’ve ever had. Proving that it’s not about the tools, instead it’s about the mad skills one might possess. So, when he walked in two nights ago with a whole country ham from Broadbent’s as well as other random accompaniments, I knew I was in for a treat. Apparently, the new lights inspired Bryan to do something a little out of his norm… dipping way back into his past, where he plated food with tweezers in silent kitchens.

I think this dish also might have a little something to do with his upcoming class at the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival where he will be teaching how to use fish sauce. I know a team of women in the ATL that will be very happy to hear this. He along with Ed Lee and Stuart Brioza created and bottled their own chef’s cuvee with Red Boat Fish Sauce a few years ago while on a food tour across Vietnam. Obviously, that was his sauce of choice for this particular dish.

Other ingredients included: baby artichoke barigoule (my favorite), roasted pepper lebne, cane syrup and fish sauce candied breakfast radishes, grilled Texas scallions, limes, thai chili peppers, okra, tomato, pickled field peas and of course the beautiful Broadbent country ham.

Finally, around midnight, after waiting for about two hours while Bryan meticulously put the dish together, we sat and ate… and then at 12:05 am he made us omelets. Let’s face it, it’s a beautiful dish and it was delicious… but a girls gotta eat!


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