Spending most our nights livin’ in the lobsta’s paradise


I wish I was referring to something luxurious with this terrible parody of a post title… you know, like champagne, caviar and lobster dinners every night. I wouldn’t want to eat lobster every night, but I mean, I could probably be persuaded to indulge in daily champagne and caviar. That part, doesn’t sound too terrible.

Last week, someone told us, that we make what we do and accomplish daily – look easy. This was after the same someone also shadowed us for an whole day while watching us get our butts kicked much like the time when Tyson bit Holyfield’s ear off. Right now, life has my ear, Bryan’s too, in-between clenched teeth, ready to snap it right off.

In reality, what Bryan and I do every day is anything but easy. Most days, It’s also incredibly unglamorous, regardless of what my Instagram account displays. As they say in the hospitality industry, “never let them see you sweat.”

So we didn’t.

Until now.

What the title above is referring to, is a post I saw on Facebook this morning, featuring Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski. In the video, published in 2009 (yes I realize I’m late to the party), he describes a visit to the dentist’s office and an article that he read about lobsters while waiting for his appointment. He continues explaining, that when lobsters begin to outgrow their current situation, they start to feel pressure from the shrinking environment and naturally, they become uncomfortable. In order to remedy the situation, a lobster will then crawl under a rock; shed the shell that has become too small and grow a new one only to emerge later, in a larger, stronger shell. The Rabbi finishes the short video clip by relating the lobster’s transformation to how stress and feeling uncomfortable is a sign that we are experiencing a growth period.

According to the wise Rabbi, one could definitely come to the conclusion that Bryan and I are going through a professional growth period.

There is a particular part of our lives that we haven’t shared here yet, mostly because it’s not public and it could cause more than a few bumps in a road already littered with potholes – much like the streets here in Montrose. A few, very close, friends and family know the challenges we’re currently facing with this all-encompassing stage in our lives. I hate to “vaguebook” so to speak, but it’s just not something that I’m at liberty to talk about yet. Especially, with such a large audience…

Which reminds me, we need to thank y’all for the overwhelming amount of support and love we’ve received since we started this project. SWTC has been doing so well, that we even have another restauranteur + cookbook writer, here in Houston, copying our concept. 

We are getting much closer to winning this, long and hard fought, battle and as soon as I get the green light, I will share the details and what it means for our future. We’ll be so damn excited that you won’t even have to come to the blog to read about it. Instead, you’ll hear us singing the good news from atop the Williams Tower. You may even see Bryan streaking, alone, through the streets of Houston while belting of our triumph in a very Frank The Tank-esque way. Don’t worry, I won’t be too far behind with our car, just in-case he causes a disturbance or needs a quick getaway.

What I can tell y’all is that we’re here, living under our rock, flesh exposed… and y’all, it’s not pretty. We’re working harder and more diligently than I ever thought we could. Literally, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of how painful it might be, in order to craft our new shell. These days, we rarely even see our bed before 2am and it’s not because we’re out shaking our tail feathers or singing karaoke at glitter or guava. Minus last Saturday…. a rare time when we took a break to celebrate Houston’s Pride weekend with our friends at the grand reopening of Rich’s. Even so, when Sunday morning came, hangovers be damned, we were back at it.

Nope, instead, we’re sitting in front of computers or writing in torn and crumpled notebooks all day and all night. There may be a glass of wine or two towards the end of the night, but that’s about it. 

We recently had to bring a temporary desk into my already cramped and disheveled office so that we could stop working on our new marble dining table. The pen ink stains are starting to ruin it and this is the first time we’ve had a dining room table in three years (told y’all we were fancy). We’re even up at the restaurants on our one day off each week, dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s, as evident in the spaztastic photos below (iPhone, don’t judge) from last Sunday. Remember my fly like attention span!? Sometimes, it gets the best of me and I need a little fun to break up the monotony of minutia that currently envelopes this rather lackluster moment in our lives.

We’re shedding our old shell because it’s time for a new one… we’re movin’ on up.

Oh, and if anyone has any tips on removing blue pen ink from white marble… please share. Also if anyone sees a true mid century modern (not a relic) partner’s desk… it looks like we need one – Bryan just told me he wasn’t moving out of my office anytime soon.


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